VFD Optimal Dental Health Program

What is it?

The Optimal Dental Health Program is an annual prepaid savings program for routine dental care that offers an extra discount on other treatment during that year. The program is a way to maintain your dental health while receiving a savings on quality care without annual maximums, pre-determinations, exclusions or waiting periods.

How does it work?

Pre-pay for your annual x-rays/exam and hygiene visits and receive significant savings, as well as some complementary services. The program lasts for 1 year and program members also receive 10% off all other treatment*, including fillings, crowns, bleaching, and other cosmetic procedures.
An annual program starts at $360 and is tailored for your Optimal Dental Health. We also have a plan available for those that have a prescription for 3 month (periodontal maintenance) re-care visits as well. If, during the year, other treatment is needed, the participant will receive 10% off our usual fee.

How is the Optimal Health Program Different than my Dental Insurance?

The Optimal Health Program gives you freedom to choose the type of care you wish to have without a third party “Approving” or “Denying” your choices. The dollars you spend for dental care go only towards your dental care.

What about Payments for Treatment beyond what’s included?

You will receive 10% off your treatment plan for all other services besides that which is prepaid*. This payment is expected at the time of service in full, unless another financial arrangement is made in advance. We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card.
* No discount offered if utilizing extended payment plans

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